The Cross Prayer As A Spiritual Practice For The COVID-19 Crisis



"Sacred Reliquary" by Jim Baker,

In these days of world-wide suffering and uncertainty, consider gazing upon the cross of Jesus Christ and letting its depth of meaning and symbolism evoke questions to ponder, pray, and reflect upon.

The Symbolism of the Cross

From early Christians to today, the cross has symbolized the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and His sufferings and subsequent death and resurrection. Over the centuries the cross has become the most important Christian holy symbol. The cross first appeared in Christian art on a Vatican sarcophagus around 450 AD, and today can be found in jewelry, art, architecture, and cathedrals and churches worldwide.

The two beams of the cross are representative of the dimensions of God’s redemptive work. The vertical beam symbolizes the broken connection people have with their creator. The horizontal beam represents the human condition of broken relationships with others. The axis is where Christ’s redemptive work took place, restoring our connection with God and others. Let the vertical beams of the cross symbolize your relationship with God, the horizontal beam your relationship with others, and the axis your relationship with Jesus.

  • Are any of those relationships broken? With God? With family? With friends?
  • How might God be calling you to restore them? Let God use your honesty to reveal how He wants you to respond.

Greek and Eastern cultures depict the cross with equal length beams, balancing the left with the right, top with the bottom. Imagine the axis or fulcrum place represents Christ, holiness, wholeness, and balance. Western civilization depicts the cross with the horizontal cross beam shorter than the vertical cross beam. Let this reflect the imbalance of our culture and our lives.

  • Where are you out of balance, out of alinement with God’s purpose and plans?
  • How is he asking you to restore that balance?

The Cross Prayer

The Cross Prayer is a prayer based upon the wounds of Jesus. As you gaze upon the crucifix, let the meaning of each wound provoke a prayer.

HeadAuthority. The wounds on Jesus head represent His authority. Proclaim Christ as the head over all.

SideCompassion and Wisdom. The wound in His side represents His heart of compassion and wisdom. Ask Jesus for His heart for each situation and for His wisdom on how to live and pray.

Left HandProvision. The wound on Jesus’ left hand represents His provision. Ask Jesus for His blessing and provision.

Right HandResistance. The wound on Jesus’ right hand represents His resistance to evil. Ask Jesus for help in resisting evil in all of its forms.

FeetVictory. The wounds on Jesus’ feet represent His victory over evil and death. Proclaim the victory of Christ and that evil and death are crushed under His feet.

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